Locally roasted in kalama,wa

Featured Roast

House Blend

Dark Roast

Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Fruit, Almond

Our House Blend is always smooth and the perfect choice to drink anytime of the day. Pairs very well with milk and is the perfect complement to desserts!



Breakfast Blend

Dark Roast

You asked for it and here it is! We are pleased to offer you our dark roast breakfast blend. Always smooth and never bitter, you are sure to love the bold flavors in your cup.

Chocolatey and nutty meet with just the right amount of smokiness to please the dark roast lover. Give our breakfast blend a try today!

K pods

We sell our Coffee Pods in packs of 12. Not sure which is your favorite? You can mix it up and discover your new favorite roast! 


Single Origin


Medium Roast

A crowd favorite, this classic natural Brazil has familiar notes of baking spices, molasses, and almond, with hints of cocoa powder and orange zest. It has gentle but balanced acidity and a satiny-smooth mouthfeel. Aromatic wood notes (cedar) surface in the finish. 


Single Origin

Medium-Dark Roast

Chocolate, Black Cherry, Brown Sugar, Roasted Almond

Through El Tiple we are exploring Colombia’s distinctive micro-climates and flavor profiles. Huila El Tiple Supremo EP was sourced from small, family-owned farms throughout the Huila department.

Central America


Medium Roast

Milk Chocolate, plum, brown sugar, dried cherry

In 2016, the La Morena program was launched with the aim of providing female coffee growers entry into the global supply chain and combating gender inequality in coffee farming. Although the program had modest beginnings, collaborating with four IWCA members to import 32 boxes of green coffee beans, it proved to be a micro-lot that resonated with roasters, quickly selling out. This initial success paved the way for the participating growers, elevating the demand for their coffees.

Fast forward to 2023, and our specialty coffee sourcing team in Guatemala has expanded the La Morena program, collaborating with over 800 women farmers across the coffee-growing regions of Huehuetenango and Baja Verapaz. What initially started as a micro-lot comprising about 2,000 lbs of coffee has evolved into a robust platform effectively addressing gender inequality in the coffee industry. The enthusiasm from roasters remains high, indicating a strong demand for more of these empowering initiatives.

About He Brews Coffee Roasters

A Focus on Excellence

We are a local, Veteran owned family business, where excellence is the heartbeat of every coffee batch we roast. Meet the dynamic, husband and wife duo (at least according to me, and I am the one writing this script!), complemented by an incredibly good-looking son lending a hand, and a quick-witted daughter fluent in the art of sarcasm. Together, we form a powerhouse family, ready to cater to your coffee cravings.

Our coffee odyssey commenced in 2006 with the aromatic adventures of espresso catering at weddings, festivals, and various events. However, the realization struck – our exceptional coffee was only reaching a limited audience. That realization fueled our journey into the realm of home roasting, unlocking the door to a wider world of coffee enthusiasts. Join us on this flavorful escapade, where each roasted bean tells a tale of passion, dedication, and the pursuit of the perfect cup.


Roasting Philosophy

We are a Veteran-owned and operated coffee roasting company, nestled in the heart of Kalama, Washington. We’re not just passionate about coffee; we’re dedicated to ethical sourcing from small farms, ensuring hardworking farmers receive fair wages and promoting sustainable practices in the coffee industry.

Our commitment to quality is evident in every cup you brew. We meticulously cup each roast, guaranteeing a high-quality result that we take pride in savoring ourselves. When you choose us, you’re not just selecting a coffee, but supporting a local, family-run business that refuses to settle for anything less than excellence.

We have spent our lives serving our country and community, and we are bringing that same dedication to crafting exquisite coffee for you. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a stellar cup of coffee every time you brew one of our roasts. We firmly believe there’s no reason to settle for anything less than exceptional coffee. Join us on this flavorful journey where every sip reflects our passion for quality and fairness in every coffee bean.

How do we choose our coffee beans? Read on….


When opening the bag for a first smell, it hit me as bold and creamy with a slight smell of dark chocolate. Beans ground really well making a great coarse texture for my french press. Using the french press gave the cup a bit of silt texture that was pleasing and did not leave a feeling of grit in my mouth. Like the smell of the beans, the flavor was bold but creamy and had a nice slight dark chocolate taste.

Just had some espresso shots. Very smooth. Dark chocolate caramel with floral notes and a slight finishing spice at the very back of the tongue. My brother in law really likes it too. We all think this is a daily drinker!