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SHOP NOW ARTISAN COFFEE ROASTERS Excellence in every roast. Small batch roasters from the Pacific Northwest.

Locally roasted in kalama,wa

   SUMATRA aged gayo

Aged Sumatra is a real thing! It is not some Marketing effort to sell old inventory. Like certain wines and certain whiskeys are considered by connoisseurs to improve with careful aging, a few coffee regions (most notably, Sumatra) can benefit from the careful attentions of an expert to bring out the muted tones and wonderful nuances with this unique method.

K pods

We sell our Coffee Pods in packs of 12. Not sure which is your favorite? You can mix it up and discover your new favorite roast! 

He brews espresso blend

Not JUST for the espresso machine, BTW! Our espresso blend marries South America, Central America, and Indonesia for a complex cup that produces a great shot of espresso and exceptional creama. Don’t be hesitant to try this blend with your favorite brewing method, either.

Breakfast Blend

You asked for it and here it is! We are pleased to offer you our dark roast breakfast blend. Always smooth and never bitter, you are sure to love the bold flavors in your cup.

Chocolatey and nutty meet with just the right amount of smokiness to please the dark roast lover. Give our breakfast blend a try today!


These beans are part of a family run farm and washing station in Ethiopia’s Guji zone, which is roughly 200 miles from the Kenyan border. The family run operation own about 500 hectares of land in the area and have planted semi-forest coffee on 420 hectares.

Brazil Salmo

A crowd favorite, this classic natural Brazil has familiar notes of baking spices, molasses, and almond, with hints of cocoa powder and orange zest. It has gentle but balanced acidity and a satiny-smooth mouthfeel. Aromatic wood notes (cedar) surface in the finish. 

Colombia Café femenino

Brownie, Cocoa Powder, Golden Raisin, Lemon, Nougat, Raspberry, Walnut

Café Femenino brand coffee is developed,administered and imported exclusively by OPTCO and is distributed tomore than 250 roasters across the US, Canada, Australia, UK, and Europe.To further support women coffeefarmers and their communities, participating coffee roasters are required to donatea percentage of every coffeepurchaseto the Café Femenino Foundation, an independent nonprofit organization that funds communitybettermentgrant requests proposed and managed by the women farmers. Roasters may elect to split theirdonation between the Café Femenino Foundation and a local nonprofit supporting women.

Guatemala La Morena Huehuetenango

Our Guatemala offering has a medium body and notes of bittersweet chocolate, berry, and almond.

In Guatemala, gender equality remains a challenge, and coffee has long been a male-dominated industry. These factors have made it incredibly difficult for women to compete and thrive in the coffee world. That’s why we are thrilled to offer La Morena as a platform to showcase the work of women farmers across Guatemala. 

About He Brews Coffee Roasters

A Focus on Excellence

We are a veteran owned, family business that strives for excellence in every batch of coffee we roast. A dynamic husband and wife duo (at least according to me, and it’s my story!) with an incredibly good looking son to assist, and the witty daughter fluent in sarcasm, this powerhouse…yes, powerhouse family, is ready to serve your coffee addiction. Our journey began in 2006 with espresso catering for weddings, festivals and various other events. This led to the realization that we could only reach a sample percentage of people with really good coffee. This began the journey of roasting at home.


Roasting Philosophy

We are a small, family owned business in Kalama, Washington. We purchase our coffee beans from small farms, including women owned farms, in an effort to help these farmers earn quality wages. We pay more for our beans so that they can earn better wages. The reward of buying higher quality beans is evident in the cup you brew. We are constantly cupping each roast to ensure that we have produced a high-quality roast that we are proud to drink ourselves. 

You will never get old coffee from us. We don’t roast until you place your order, typically the next day so that we can combine like requests together. After roasting, we cup, to ensure you are not getting a bag of beans (or grounds) with roasting defects. If any are found, we check our data to see where we erred and get back to roasting. We always keep a control sample on hand should you ever receive a batch that just isn’t quite right. This way we can help determine if we messed up or if maybe we can help you with your brewing setup.

Our end goal is to give you a great cup of coffee every time you brew a cup from our roast. There simply is no reason to drink bad coffee anymore!

When opening the bag for a first smell, it hit me as bold and creamy with a slight smell of dark chocolate. Beans ground really well making a great coarse texture for my french press. Using the french press gave the cup a bit of silt texture that was pleasing and did not leave a feeling of grit in my mouth. Like the smell of the beans, the flavor was bold but creamy and had a nice slight dark chocolate taste.

John in California

Just had some espresso shots. Very smooth. Dark chocolate caramel with floral notes and a slight finishing spice at the very back of the tongue. My brother in law really likes it too. We all think this is a daily drinker!

Adam in Couer d’Alane, Idaho

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