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Who We Are

We are a veteran owned, family business that strives for excellence in every batch of coffee we roast. A dynamic husband and wife duo (at least according to me, and it’s my story!) with an incredibly good looking son to assist, and the witty daughter fluent in sarcasm, this powerhouse…yes, powerhouse family, is ready to serve your coffee addiction. 

Our journey began in 2006 with espresso catering for weddings, festivals and various other events. This led to the realization that we could only reach a sample percentage of people with really good coffee. This began the journey of roasting at home.

Equipped with an air popper and some aged, low quality green coffee beans, we began the experiment in roasting. Almost immediately we were astounded how much better our coffee tasted in comparison to the offerings found on the shelves of our grocery store. There was simply no way we could ever return to our former life.

Over the course of the next several years we upgraded our roasting apparatus. From the humble pop corn popper to a Freshroast Sr500 and eventually a Bemohr 1600, the roasting quality improved.

It became the expectation that whenever holidays rolled around that there would be a bag of freshly roasted coffee as an offering. Family and friends would forgo their cup of coffee at home if they new they were coming over. It was so rewarding to see the exhilaration on their face as they caressed their mug. We knew we needed to share this experience with more than those that came to our home.

That passion led to our current endeavor. You. We upgraded from the home roaster to a commercial roaster and thus begins our newest journey. It has been said that if you do something that you love you will never work a day in your life. It is wonderful to not be working! We hope that you will find the passion we have for roasting exceptional coffee in every cup you brew.

Our Mission

We realize that coffee is subjective to the individual, and with that in mind, are working tirelessly to find a roast for everyone. Whether you prefer your cup black, cream and sugar, etc. we will create a roast for you!

We are constantly looking to develop new profiles that highlight the possibilities within each bean. There is so much good coffee to discover that we will not be satisfied with the same mundane cup that is offered in many shops. There is simply no reason to drink bad coffee! Living in the PNW has helped us to raise the bar of what coffee can be, and it is our passion to make every cup of coffee an event that makes you pause and savor the moment.