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Ethiopia Guji Odo Shakiso

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About the Coffee:

Flavor: Blueberry, Honey, Jasmine, Peach, Rose BODY: Light ACIDITY: Bright PROCESS: Natural

The Shakiso district enjoys ideal coffee growing conditions. The area’s volcanic soil is bursting with nutrients, creating a deep red and brown top layer of soil. The landscape is semi-forest, and the coffee trees benefit from the natural canopy and decomposing debris. Finally, the high altitude, bi-modal rainfall pattern, and dry weather allow coffee cherries to develop slowly. The variety of microclimates within Guji alone encourages the development of diverse flavor profiles that present beautifully as both filter and espresso coffee.

The Guji region came into the spotlight in the early 2000’s when people discovered that Guji coffees exhibited unique and distinctive characteristics that set is apart from Yirgacheffe and other Ethiopian coffees.

Ethiopia Guji Odo Shakiso

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Medium Dark Roast


Ground, K Pod, Whole

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Coarse (French Press), Medium (Drip), Fine (Moka), Extra Fine (Cone Drip), Espresso, Turkish


12 oz., 16 oz., 5 lb.