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Sumatra Gayo


About the Coffee

Sumatra – Red fruit, Cedar, Tobacco, earthy/dusty. Heavy body, muted acidity.

A word on Sumatra coffee
Out of the thousands of islands that shape the Indonesian archipelago, only a few have the right conditions to grow coffee, and one of them is Sumatra. One particular feature of Sumatra coffee is the processing, which has a direct impact on the characteristics of the bean. Most of these coffees undergo what is called a semi-washed process or Giling Basah in Bahasa Indonesia language. Another common term in the Sumatran preparation is Double Picking (DP) which means that beans are hand-picked twice for defects so as to obtain an exportable product with maximum 11 defects.


Located in Bener Meriah District, KSU Gayo Antara is oriented to increase members’ income by marketing the coffee internationally. KSU Gayo Antara’s 865 produce Organic and Faritrade certified arabica within a total area of 956 hectares. 

Sumatra Gayo

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Dark Roast


Ground, K Pod, Whole

Ground Type

Coarse (French Press), Medium (Drip), Fine (Moka), Extra Fine (Cone Drip), Espresso, Turkish


12 oz., 16 oz., 5 lb.