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Sumatra Mandheling


About the Coffee

Our Sumatra Mandheling Karo Highlands coffee comes from smallholders in in the district of Paranginan, Humbahas Province in Karo Highlands area. Growers in this region have an average of 0.5 – 1 hectare dedicated to coffee. But with a climate of between 15 – 25 Celsius, favorable soil conditions and a high altitude, conditions are ideal for growing arabica coffee. Sumatran coffee is truly differentiated because of its unique wet-hulled processing method. The process uses water to remove the cherry’s red pulp and mucilage, while also removing the parchment layer in a “wet huller”. By removing the parchment layer the bean dries faster, which is beneficial in Indonesia’s wet climate. In Grade 1 coffees the process continues with meticulous color sorting to eliminate defective green coffee beans. The wet-hulled process gives Sumatra its signature intense earthy flavors of cedar and tobacco, as well as rich, sweet chocolate. With Sumatra Karo Highlands roasters can dive into the deep, rustic and sweet character of Indonesian coffee.

Tasting Notes

In the cup, this classic wet-hulled Sumatra offers both rich sweetness and savory depth. On the nose, red currant, dark chocolate, pipe tobacco, and a delicate violet-like floral are supported by undertones of sweet herbaceous-ness (lemon verbena) and fragrant wood (fresh-cut cedar). The acidity is citric on a medium roast profile, but this green can be easily pushed to medium-dark, softening perceived acidity and fleshing out the already satiny body. It’s a flexible coffee, appropriate for single-origin use and in blends, both for brewed and espresso applications.

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Medium Roast, Medium Dark Roast, Dark Roast


Ground, Whole

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Coarse (French Press), Medium (Drip), Fine (Moka), Extra Fine (Cone Drip), Espresso, Turkish


12 oz., 16 oz., 5 lb.


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